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IYF conducts its work mainly through the Associations' Board. The Associations' Board comprises representatives of major constituted international member associations or organisations of the Council.

It is a forum for interdisciplinary exchange and co-operation.

The Associations' Board elects its Speaker for a four-year period. the Associations' Board is composed of the following organisations:

- European Yoga Alliance
- European Alliance of Yoga, Yogatherapy and Mindfulness
- Latin American Union of Yoga
- Asian Yoga Federation
- Yoga Alliance International-Alianza Internacional de Yoga
- Yoga Alliance International - France
- Yoga Alliance Pty Ltd of Australia & New Zeland
- International Yoga Society
- American Yoga Federation
- Yoga Federation of Europe
- Yoga Alliance Asia
- Yoga Society of America
- Francophone Yoga Federation
- International Yoga Sports Federation
- International Federation of Yoga Sports
- World Council of Yoga
- South America Yoga Society
- European Yoga Institute



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