Membership Fee

For become member you must send your Application Fee or Initial Registration Fee with the constitution or statutes of your yoga organization.

International Yoga Federation admits member categories which form the General Assembly:

A) Full Member for yoga organizations working in the field of yoga, yoga therapy or ayurveda. (USD 160 per year) or (USD 800 per LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP) "Have right to vote at the General Assembly"

B) Adherent Member or Registered Organizations or School working in the field of yoga, yoga therapy or ayurveda. (USD 140 per year) or (USD 550 per LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP) "Have right to a voice at the General Asembly"

Send the constitution or statutes of your yoga organization, with all the legal information and certificates with the apostille convention, the name of your organization, HQ, executive board, members, structure, etc by post with the official letter for your membership to IYF. And please send your website.

To become member of IYF send the annual fee or life fee to the International Yoga Federation to Itau Bank of Montevideo, Uruguay.

To send dollars to the International Yoga Federation:

Beneficiary Bank: Banco Itau Uruguay S.A.
Swift Code: ITAUUYMM
to: Federacion Internacional de Yoga/International Yoga Federation
Account: 1182845

Website of Itau Bank



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